3 Steps To Buying a Home...


The new year is here and the housing market in Northwest Arkansas is heating up.

April through August are typically the busiest, and most productive months in the housing market. As we approach the spring months- Sellers are readying their homes for market and Buyers are out in full force trying to snag their dream home- as soon as it hits the market. 

There are several steps a buyer can take to make the search for their dream home easier and what's easier than having those steps and information located in one place? 

1. Don't overlook the Importance and convenience of getting Pre-Approved
Many buyers might overlook this simple step- but the fact is that getting pre-approved once you're ready to begin the process of finding your dream home helps you appear more "attractive" and serious to sellers.

2. It's in a buyer's best interests to Work with a REALTOR®
Once you've gotten Pre-Approved, finding a REALTOR® who will handle all the negotiating, scheduling, and paperwork that goes into buying a home in important. It is likely that a Seller will be working with an agent- meaning that a Buyer is better off having their own Agent working alongside them and watching out for their best interests. Agents also have access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in which they are able to locate more potential homes for their client. 

3. "Go with your gut" 
Buying a home is an emotional process and means something different to everyone. To some, it might be an investment. To others, the house they buy will be the home in which milestones are achieved and memories are made. Research has shown that our emotions drive us, more than we think, when buying a home. We use both sides of our brains when making a purchase- we think through the process with both logic and emotion. Jeff Shores- speaker, author and host of the new podcast “The Buyer’s Mind.” says: “The emotional is hard to quantify. We feel it, but we don’t know how to describe it,”  and he adds. “It serves as a navigating source. Ultimately, there is that gut feeling that drives us in a more powerful way than our logical side.” This explains the feelings that Buyers get when touring homes. When walking through a house, they begin visualizing a life in the home and this vision is what prompts them to either put in an offer or continue to look at other properties. 

All three of these steps tie-in with one another, seamlessly, and all are important. Being Pre-Approved helps the Buyer and their Agent look at homes within a Buyer's means which helps the Buyer avoid becoming emotionally attached to a home they cannot afford. Choosing to be represented by an Agent means the Buyer's best interests are always protected- the Agent will help to make sure the Buyer gets Pre-Approved and will then use those numbers, the Buyer's desires, and their tools as an Agent to find THE home the Buyer's looking for.  

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